Under the following Refund Policy Getboost offers a full or partial refund to its customers. The cases in which the Customers are entitled to request a refund, as well as other provisions on refunds, are expressly set forth in the following articles.

1. General terms and conditions of the Refund Policy

1.1 Getboost can cancel the order and provide a refund in two ways: Refund to the Customer’s GetBoost Wallet and a refund to the original method of payment.

1.2 The money that has been returned to the Customer’s GetBoost Wallet can be used to fully fund or partially cover the cost of the next purchase.

1.3 Refund to the Customer’s GetBoost wallet can be requested at any time and will be reviewed by the GetBoost Arbitration. The conditions that apply to the full Refund to the original method of payment that are set in paragraph 2.1 do not apply to this method of refund.

1.4 Refund to the original payment method and the conditions for it are set forth in paragraph 2.1 of the Refund Policy.

1.5 In order to request a refund, Customer should form a ticket in his personal profile on the website and/or reach out to GetBoost Arbitration on the website or through any other official forms of communication.

1.6 The amount of refund is limited solely to the unfulfilled part of the service. Refund of the service that has been provided, completed, and confirmed by either Customer or the GetBoost Arbitration is not possible.

1.7 The refund to the original payment method will be provided within 24 hours after the official request for it formulated by the customer is placed. After the refund, it might take from 1 to 14 business days for the payment to arrive back to your account. The exact time frame will depend on the method with which the payment was originally made, and GetBoost is not responsible for the delay that can be caused by the payment broker or/and certain Bank. The commission for the payment is the responsibility of GetBoost and the amount of commission will not affect the final amount of the refund.

1.8 In case the price of a given Services and/or Goods has been changed by GetBoost after the settlement of the Deal, Getboost is not obliged to return the price difference to the Customer. 

1.9 GetBoost is entitled to cancel and/or refuse the right of a Customer to a refund in case the Customer has violated GetBoost’s Terms and Conditions and whose account has been suspended by the GetBoost Arbitration on the basis of paragraph 8.3 of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions agreement.

1.10 GetBoost has the right to suspend the accounts of Users who made a purchase with the intent of reselling the results obtained from purchased Services and/or Goods in order to make a profit from them. Such User upon the investigation will be identified as the Buyer of goods and services and will not be treated as a Customer. The Buyer who owns that account in case of suspension will not be entitled to any form of refund, despite the status of the order.

2. Full and partial refunds 

2.1 Customers are entitled to request a Full refund to the original method of payment if the two following conditions are met:

  • The order is still in the “Placed” stage, implying no work, effort, or any other form of commitment other than consulting and dealmaking procedures has been put into the order by the Seller.
  •  The delivery time of the order that had originally been discussed before or after its placement is no longer possible to be upheld due to the delay that has been caused by the Seller. By the Delivery time, we understand the range of time that encompasses and starts with the order placement and ends with the full completion of the service by the Seller.

2.2 Customers are also eligible for a full refund if extremely poor service has been provided by Seller; the management will need to perform a thorough inquiry before the final response that will concern the conditions and the amount of the refund will be given to the Customer.

2.3 In case the order has been started and at the moment of the request is in “In Progress” stage, and if the conditions expressed in paragraph 2.1 are not met, then the maximum amount of refund cannot exceed 80%.

2.4 The amount of Refund for the service that implies scheduling and booking procedures that are being carried out by the Seller after the placement of the order and the conditions of which have been verbally agreed upon in chat with the Customer cannot exceed 50%.

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